Captain Tacolicious
Fatter than a speeding bullet, more hungrier than a locomotive, able to eat foot long hoagies in a single bite. Look! Up in the sky! It's a gyro! It's a kabob! No—It's Captain Tacolicious!

Not in Beantown City Anymore

After hurling himself across the gulf of time into the real world, Captain Tacolicious is confronted with the mundane incarnation of himself from our very own world. He attempts to teach his normal double about the richnes of superheroism, but unfortunately dressing up like an idiot and beating up criminals isn't a logical course of action in reality.

Temple of Food

After his faithful sidekick Candyman's superpowers go haywire he and Cap are summoned to the Food Pyramid along with the Food Elementals—mighty cosmic beings that embody the arbitrary categories of food delineated by the USDA. Along the way they come into conflict with the mysterious Blood Chef—a chef who has a mysterious past and too many pouches. Can Candyman and Cap escape their terrible thrall and return to normal?

The Origin of Recipes

Have you ever wondered how Captain Tacolicious got his incredible taco powers in the first place? Find out for the first time in this richly illustrated volume.

Once, he was just a normal guy, working a normal job. Yeah, his roommate was a shapeshifting Buddhist monk, but even he spent most of his time playing X-Box, at least until the all-you-can-eat taco shop opened up.

Soon, our hero is thrust into a world of spandex, sentient Asparagus and he even fights a giant turtle monster in the third act.